Cross-disciplinary Studies of Migration of Irish, Hiberno-Norse and other Gaelic-speaking populations in the Viking Age
Viking Age Migration

Resources on the Viking Age for Primary Schools

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Teachers Notes download as pdf 0.1MB 24.02.11
Viking Ireland (A)
I Viking Raids download pdf 12.8 MB 14.05.13
II Viking Towns download pdf 2.8 MB 14.05.13
III Introducing Genetics download pdf 1.2 MB 14.05.13
Additional material (B)
B-I : Viking Raids
1 Viking Navigation download pdf 0.9 MB 31.12.10
2 The Story of the Slave-girl's Son download as pdf 0.3 MB 25.01.11
3 The Story of an Irish King download as pdf 0.8 MB 16.02.11
B-II : Viking Settlement and Culture
1 Viking Money and Barter download pdf 2.1 MB 14.05.13
2 Viking Clothing download pdf 3.2 MB 14.05.13
3 The Story of the Raven Banner download as pdf 0.4MB 20.01.11
4 Brian Boru download as pdf 0.2MB 20.01.11
5 Viking Runes and Alphabets download pdf 0.5MB 14.05.13
Other documents (C)
1 Overview of what we know about the Vikings in Ireland download pdf 7.3 MB 14.05.13
2 The Story of Bjorn the Mouse download as pdf 0.2MB 03.02.11
3 Exercises download as pdf 0.2MB 20.01.11
4 A note about Round Towers download as pdf 0.2MB 20.01.11
5 Finding your local monument download as pdf 2MB 08.02.11
6 Monuments in Irish countryside download as pdf 3MB 08.02.11
7 References for Viking activities described in the Annals download as pdf 0.2MB 09.02.11
8 Viking Age textbooks with an Irish context download as pdf 0.1MB 09.02.11
9 Bibliography of texts relating to the Viking Age in Ireland download as pdf 0.1MB 15.02.11

Research Associates

These school resources were designed and put together by Catherine Swift, Lenore Fischer and Billy Mag Fhloinn. The film was created by Applebox Media on location in Co. Tipperary and at Craggaunowen Heritage Park, Co. Clare, to whom we are extremely grateful for their generosity in providing us with use of their facilities. Costumes and props were provided by Mogh Roith Living History Group. The actors involved were students and staff of Mary Immaculate College and we would like to express a particular word of thanks to our international students who proved such enthusiastic and inspirational members of the crew.

We would also like to thank our colleagues in the Education Faculty of Mary Immaculate College: Dr David O’Grady, Brendan Barry and Niamh Armstrong for their generous instruction on the mysteries of ICT, especially as it relates to primary schools and also Eileen O’Sullivan who equally kindly shared her expertise on the pedagogy of history teaching in the classroom.

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