Cross-disciplinary Studies of Migration of Irish, Hiberno-Norse and other Gaelic-speaking populations in the Viking Age

Brian Boru Lecture Series

River Shannon

The following notes were prepared by Dr Catherine Swift as part of the Brian Boru Lecture Series given at Killaloe, Co. Clare in 2012.

I Brian Boru’s family and their background download pdf 2.1 MB 31.11.12
II Brian Boru and the rise to provincial kingship download pdf 1.9 MB 05.03.13
III Vikings on the River Shannon download pdf 3.1 MB 29.04.13
IV Kingdom of Limerick download pdf 1.3 MB 11.04.13
V Brian Boru becomes High King download pdf 1.7 MB 29.04.13
VI Gormlaith: Agent Provocatrice.pptx download pdf 1.5 MB 29.04.13
VII Clontarf: Death of Chivalry.pptx download pdf 1.8 MB 29.04.13
VIII Brian Boru: the Dál Cais genealogies download pdf 0.6 MB 12.05.13
IX Brian Boru: his ancestry and descendants download pdf 1.3 MB 11.04.13
X Limerick’s Viking community download pdf 6.2 MB 29.04.13

Glendalough, River Shannon

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