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Viking settlement in Ireland: Publications

Bibliography of printed literature on Vikings in Ireland

In terms of topics covered, the bulk of publications on Viking settlers in Ireland concern their settlement  in Dublin, especially the archaeological evidence retrieved from various excavations. There are two ongoing sets of publications in particular – the National Museum of Ireland’s Medieval Dublin Excavations 1962-81  Series  A (buildings and topography), Series B (artefacts) and Series C – environmental evidence. There is also the annual Medieval Dublin books edited by Sean Duffy of TCD in which many of the finds from more recent excavations are discussed. The extensive excavations in Waterford  in the late 1980s were impeccably published by Waterford Corporation:, Late Viking Age and medieval Waterford: excavations 1986-1992 ed. Maurice Hurley, Orla Scully & S.W.J. McCutcheon (Waterford 1992). For Cork, see Excavations in Cork City 1984-2000 ed. Rose Cleary and Maurice Hurley (Cork 2003). The excavated evidence for Viking Limerick is limited but see articles by Mary Cahill & Raghnall Ó Floinn, Brian Hodkinson and  Lenore Fischer. For the latest overview of the urban evidence from Ireland as a whole, see Patrick Wallace, "The archaeology of Ireland's Viking-age towns" in Prehistoric and early Ireland: A New History of Ireland, volume I ed. D.Ó Cróinín (Oxford 2005), 814-841 or Mary Valante’s Vikings in Ireland (Dublin 2008)

The other large compendia are the Viking Congress volumes, particularly  H.B. Clarke, M. Ní Mhaonaigh & R. Ó Floinn Ireland and Scandinavia in the Early Viking Age (Dublin: Four Courts Press 1998) and John Sheehan & Donnchadh Ó Corráin The Viking Age: Ireland and the West (Dublin: Four Courts Press 2010). For reasons of space, the individual articles in these compendia are not mentioned here and the bibliographic principle adopted is to try and focus on the key publications which impact on the research of the Genes of the Gallgoídil network. (It should be noted, however, that much of the genetics work is published on line and so will be listed under Genes of the Gallgoídil research links). Like all bibliographies, this is a subjective one and the Network would be very glad of any feedback drawing their attention to items which others feel should be included.

Bibliography of Texts Relating to Viking Age in Ireland

Bibliography also available here as a 0.1MB pdf

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